IB Boncompagni. Founded 1919.

Icilio Boncompagni founded the company in the 1920’s. He was a bright man with vision and culture who above all had a great love for his work. His name and reputation became one of the most established and well known in St Mark Square.
Now being in the year 2000 has marked the third generation in his family to carry on his dreams and projects. Many years of hard work and great passion have allowed the the Boncompagni company to be the leader in its field. The company offers its international clientele the highest level of professional assistance and attention that lies within the tradition of the company. The most prestigious brands in Italian Jewelry are presented here, distinguished by their originality and highest quality. We would like to express our appreciation to our customers as we are honored with their preference to chose us and we hope that this site will be a useful guide as well a valuable tool for their selection.